Friday, November 30, 2012

Back to the original plan...

This blog is a byproduct that came after starting my twitter account:

  CNG LNG was an interest of mine. CNL: Compressed natural gas and LNG: Liquified natural gas. Also interested in exploring the most efficient fuels know to man. I started this blog to share cool things that we do with energy and simple experiments where we use energy science and chemistry. I'm just interested in all sorts of fuels including steam well as can we more efficiently use steam in this modern age?

I kind of drifted from using this my cnglng twitter/blog as it's original purpose: To share energy concepts...I began experimenting, using my cnglng twitter account for other ideas. Those other ideas may be fine or not but I'm currently sticking with my original plan which is to use the twitter and blog to coincide with each other and to keep the bulk of our media on energy concepts.

How to charge an iPod using fruit

This looks like a cool experiment that I'd like to try! I wonder what you could use out in nature, like lets say you're stranded and need to charge your phone???